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Radar Detectors + Radio dectectors..

regarding the radar detector thread..

    I have never owned a radar detector; I have borrowed friends' from time
to time, and have never really found it that useful. Usially, they just give
me false readings; or less often, they would fail to pick up a radar trap.
Not once was I prewarned of a radar revenue enchancing trap ahead. 

    I have seen recently, a scanner by ..Bearcat? Anyhow, it is
preprogrammed with 48 or 49 states' police, state patrol, sheriff's, etc.
radio frequencies, and will scan the specific ones for your state, so you
can pick up the radio traffic from a radar trap; or pick up the air to
ground traffic from a airplane based speedtrap.
    Apparently, it also has a radar detector-like-thing that beeps when you
are within about 3 miles of such a police radio. 
    I was wondering if any list members have seen this; tried this.. What
they think of it? Is it worth the $170 - $200? 

    I think it would be better than a radar detector; but then again, have
no real knowledge.