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Car and Driver

My last post, I swear. In any case, in Car and Driver, the good old A4
squeaked by (1/3 of a point) to win the comparo with the 328i and Saab 900
turbo. Reasonable win, however, in the emergency lane change maneuver, the
Audi ran a 53.2 mph versus 58 for the 328 and 58.7 for the Saab. What gives?
Lord knows I don't know what this test is, but it must be something akin to a
slalom. Doesn't that seem appallingly low? In all the lat g-test, too, Audi's
"legendary 4WD" does not live up to it's competition. They blame it on the
tires; 205/55/16 eagle RS-A's. Wonder if the Michelin Pilot HX's found on the
other two are THAT much better.

-just my rants