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8x17s WILL fit an '89 200q...

The 8x17 Compomotive MO (5-spoke, Touring Car style) wheels I ordered for my
'89 200q arrived last week and I test fit them to my car this weekend...

Rumor has it that a 7" wheel is the widest that will fit without rolling the
rear fender lips ... well, in the case of my car, rumor has it wrong.  There
is enough room back there that, with a carefully chosen offset, it should be
possible to stuff a 9" or even 9.5" rim under the fender!  Of course, if you
plan to run a tire larger than 215/45, you will probably have some clearance
problems even on an 8" rim ... tempting as they may be, 235/40s are probably
a bit too wide, unfortunately.  Up front, everything fit perfectly, although
I will probably remove the plastic splash shield and roll the lip under just
to play it safe...
Since my first stab at a "carefully chosen offset" still has the rear wheels
requiring some fender-lip rolling, I've decided to order another pair with a
bit more offset rather than modify the body.  I may keep the extra wheels as
additional spares if I have to but I'd prefer to sell them ... if anyone has
any interest in them (or ordering a complete set for their car), let me know
and let's see what we can work out.  BTW, even in primer, they look sharp as
well, you know...

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