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RE: V8 O2 Sensor

Hi Vikram

	Thanks for the info. Replacing the Oxygen sensor seems pretty simple. =
What special tools do I need to replace it. 

	Don't know what size it is, but I didn't have the correct metric
	wrench size.  :-(

I called Carlsen Audi (CA) =
and they said that my cost on the O2 Sensor was $130. That's $30 cheaper =
than my local Audi dealer. I am not mechanically inclined but if I can =
save myself some money, I don;t mind replacing it myself. The car is =
pretty low to the ground. How did you manage to get underneath? 

	With a wonderfull present my wife gave me for christmas :-)  
	I have a big hydraulic jack, like the ones you see in 
	mechanic's shop.  I lifted the car up and put the front on 
	Jack Stands.  Slid under the car from the front on my back,
	and wallah... right were the 2 headers meet behind the engine
	is the O/2 sensor.  The wires face the rear of the car.

Could you give me a few more directions on how to replace the sensor ? 

	I unfortunately put a 2 wire sensor in trying to save money,
	what a mistake....  it surges like crazy for the first ten minutes
	until it's really warmed up.  I know have the 3 wire sensor coming
	from Strano's on order.  When the new sensor comes in I'll have to
	unplug the 2 connectors up under the drivers side of the engine block.
	If I get my sensor before you I'll post how I did it....  It looks
	kind of tight up there, but we'll see.....

I would really appreciate it. BTW the car had been added to the page  the day =
you sent me the photo. You may have to refresh your browser. Also, your =
car does look like new and also love the color (unique among V8's),

P.S.: Should I question the service guy regarding my V8 having one =
oxygen sensors versus two...like he told me ??


Vikram Kumar


	Mike L.
	89 100 Avant
	90 V8