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Mounting radar detectors

>On my '90 200, I mounted my CM Passport (old style) above the rear view
>mirror, between the visors. The sunroof motor blocks the view of the RD
>from behind the car, and you really can't see it unless you're sitting in>
>the driver's seat. 
>I ran a wire from the SR motor console to the detector, so I have no wire
>hanging down. 
>Here's where it gets interesting. First, the roof is slanted, and second,
>the Passport is just a bit wider than the available space. For the first, I
>made a small wedge out of oak, that mounts to the headliner just behind the
>glass..gee it's fun drilling into the headliner and roof
>structure...wondering if the bit's gonna come out the expensive shiny

I had Magnolia HiFi install my Whistler detector in exactly the same
location on my '90 Model 80Q.  Great location.  Cops can't see it and it
picks up everything front and rear.  My Whistler came with a slide-mount
bracket with an angled windshield mount and suction cup. Very easy to
put in that location with no drilling or wedges, etc. Problem is, it's
pretty useless around here.  All the cops use instant-on radar or laser.
 By the time the detector goes off, you've got flashing lights in your
rear-view mirror.  Nice on long road trips though.

- Greg Koehler
Redmond, WA