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Re: towing a quattro

In a message dated 96-04-09 17:02:34 EDT, erickson@teleport.com (Gary G.
Erickson) writes:

>>             (3. If they did tow it incorrectly...can you say lawsuit?)
>Difficult to prove that it was their fault.  (At least in the Portland area)
>the driver have to 
>do a visual inspection of the impounded vehicle, and log it with the local
>PD.  That's also why 
>the signs that warn you not to park someplace have the phrasing ". . . will
>be towed at the 
>owner's risk and expense . . . "

Yes and no, you have the right to expect reasonable levels of competence from
the operator/company. We had a Vw Quantum towed in(35miles), only to find out
the e-brake had been left on....*so that's what that smell was*. We called
the owner to advise, and she let loose on the tow company. They ended up
buying one spindle, set 'o' bearings, shoes, drums and seals. 

That's why wrecker crews carry insurance after all...

Insist on a ramp truck for any quattro.

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q(freshly red)