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Re: Brake calipers

I wrote:

>Don't know if I agree with this and I'll have to toss in my $.02.  I had a
>1986 5000T. The front brakes were the dual-piston type.  The vibration
>braking was absolutely horrible.  In the course of trying to cure the
>I managed to: cut the rotors, replace the rotors (twice), replace the brake
>pads, replace some suspension busings, etc.  Almost all the work was
>performed by the dealer - some under warranty and all paid by someone else
>since it was a company car. Each "fix" would make the car well for two weeks
>but within 500 miles the vibration was back.   Eventually I dumped the car,
>never thoroughly solving the problem.  I now have a 1989 200TQW which has
>single piston type.  These things are beautiful.  Never a shimmy - stops
>great.  Pads cost a small fortune (>$100), last only 18 months but work

And you replied:

Ummmm......  Sory but you've got that BACKWARDS.  the 86 had the single 
pot's and the 89 has the dual pot's.....


Eric Fletcher



Now my reply:

No I'm not wrong.  There was a thread on this several months ago but I didn't
feel like responding.  My 1986 5000T had a build date of April 1986.  It had
the dual piston design - each piston was about 1.25 to 1.5 inches in
diameter. Maybe there was an inbalance between the pistons (one piston
sticking??) which caused the shimming.  If I did several 80 to 40 MPH hard
stops the shimming would go away for several days.  At least long enough to
trade the car in.   My 1989 200TQW has a build date of Feb '89.  It has a
single piston of approx. 2.0 - 2.5 inch diameter.  Yes my brakes are weird on
the '89.  Whenever I need brake pads I must get them from the dealer and
usually they have to special order them.  Apparently, for the 1989 200TQW
Audi used three different types of brakes.  I just happen to have the least
common style but they work great - much better than the ones on the 1986.
 Also, by the way since nobody else is going read this far wasn't it great to
read the thread about the two lawyers chewing on each other.  Shark eat