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Re: wheels/tires/fitment TQC's

   There's been lots of discussion lately re. what will or won't fit under the
   wheel wells of certain cars.  I'd like to carry it to the TQC's/UrQ's,
   particularly the '83 model year.

When I bought my UrQ ('83), it came with Yokohama A-008 225/50x15's on the
stock 6x15 wheels. They fit with no problems (although smaller diameter
than stock ==> low speedo/odo readings). Given Yoko's tendency to make
tires on the large size (from past experience), I *PRESUME* that "normal"
225/50x16 should fit just right (same width, right diameter -- same as
"stock" 205/60x15), assuming the correct offset 16x{7|7.5|8} wheels . . .

225/50 on 6" wheels leads to really squirrely handling and I heartedly
recommend AGAINST it. Reverting to 205/60x16's made the car handle
infinitely better (although max cornering g's definitely went down --
what an adrenaline rush that was! Duh!)

My pfennig's worth.