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Lucas pad warning

I redid the brakes on the TQC last week with some really cool cross 
drilled brembo's (grin), and a new set of pads. Well, the pads were 
Lucas, and I have never tried them before, but being open to new things, 
it was worth a try.


When they heat up, they do not grab, and no matter how hard you push, you 
wont stop the car. Yesterday I had 4 people in the car, and for all 
intents and purposes I had no brakes at all. Repco's or others I have 
never had a problem, and I wasnt even driving hard!

I took some temp readings (Ohmega scope, IR surface temp reader) and the 
rotors were nice and cool but the pads were holding the heat like crazy.

Has anyone else seen this with Lucas pads?


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