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Paint questions

Spring has hit Germany and thoughts turn to...washing and waxing.

My 91 200 tqw is black and had the misfortune to be run through one of those
wash-o-mats with the stiff bristles, that or the previous owner drove through
the underbrush a lot.  What is the best way of getting rid of tiny scratches in
the clearcoat.  I've tried using various "clearcoat approved" mild abrasive
compounds that are "guaranteed to get rid of every single scratch".  These are
somewhat effective on the smaller scratches/swirl marks but are not worth the
effort for the result achieved, there's also a whole lot of painted area on the
200 qw and I'm basically lazy. 

Does anyone have any experience with color sanding or similar "paint
restoration" techniques?  What is involved here -- clear coat removal and
re-application?  There are also a few defects in the paint from the factory,
will color sanding get rid of these?  Any ball park prices for this service in
the US?

Joe Yakubik