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Weird? Maybe!

I am new to the list and am anxious to get your help.  A good friend of mine
has just purchased an '88 5KCSTQ and is having a weird problem.  Every now
and again, he will drive the car in the morning, stop to go in the bank
(getting money for the Audi gods!) and when he comes out the car will turn
over but not start.  It sits for 10 - 15 minutes and starts fine... Any
Now my problem...  I have an '86 5KCSTQ and one of the "elevators" for the
sunroof has broken.  I talked with Audi and the say I have to by both sides
for the tidy sum of $120.00  Has this part been released to the aftermarket?
 My mechanic says he will take one off a parts car in his lot and charge me
$35 for it and 3 - 4 hours labor to install, anyone else have to do this?
Danka ( I am learning German so I will know what my mechanic is saying about
me :-))