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Re: instrument cluster

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Matt West wrote:

> >I have a 89 Audi 90Q,  two of the three gauges in the lower level of the center cluster have burn
> >(I presume) back light bulbs.   Does anyone know the procedure for removing the gauges and
> >replacing the bulbs.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Not a quick job, but quite easy.  You have to remove the centre
> console.
> 1.  With a screwdriver, prise out the lower handbrake trim from under
> the handbrake lever.  Then prise off the handgrip trip, then the lower
> trim.
> 2.  Remove the rear ashtray from the centre console and remove the

?????? Is it the same as the 20V? If so, all I have to do is pry off the 
wood face, and it exposed two (I think) screws. Remove the screws and the 
gauge cluster falls out in your hand. Pull out the bulbs, put in new 
ones, done... 60 seconds, tops.


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