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A4 Drive and IRA Audi

Hey all,

	Over the Easter holiday I decided to go drive the A4.  I'm not really
interested until the 1.8L Turbo is avalible (and I graduate- 12 months!) 
but I wanted to know how good it really was.  Well, in short, in May of 
1997 I WILL purchase an 1.8L Turbo A4 Quattro.  
	My girlfriend and I were out picking some stuff up for Easter 
last Friday and we just happened to drive by IRA Audi in Danvers, MA.  In 
the past I have not had a very good opinion of IRA Audi.  Their service 
department is great but the sales people su**.  At the end of last summer 
I was looking for an Audi for my Uncle.  At the time he was looking for 
a 1990+ 100 quattro.  I went into to ask them if they had any on the lot 
or had access to one.  The sales person looked at me and asked me why 
I wanted "one of those".  He never even bothered to take his feet off the 
desk.  Good Bye!  See ya!  I walked out and vowed never to go back in.  
(In retrospect, maybe I'd been spoiled by Clair Audi on route 1 in MA.  
The 23 (?) year old manager at Clair could find you any quattro in a 
matter of a week.  However, by this time IRA had bought out Clair and so 
I was stuck with them).  
	Well, I pulled into the lot and got out to look at a Blue A4 
Quattro.  Wow!  I was impressed.  My girlfriend was sick and so she was 
resting in the car.  A few moments after I arrived a sales woman by the 
name of Laurie came out to "answer any questions I might have."  She was 
great.  Right off the bat, she admitted that she had only been doing the 
Audis for two weeks, but she was so nice and full of energy (really cute 
too!).  She asked if I had driven one yet and she went into the get the 
keys.  I said, "Sounds like fun, let me wake my girlfriend up."  Imagine 
Laurie's shock to find out I had a girlfriend.  Opps, did I say the wrong 
thing?  Nevertheless, she was great, answered all the questions she could 
and found out the rest of the questions she could not answer the first 
time around.  So, for those of you who are availible, look up Laurie next 
time you are in Davers.  Oh, she is only 26!
	The car-  I love it.  Nuff said!  No really, I was very impressed 
by the car.  I liked the clutch feel, much better than the 5kqt.  
However, I find the steering in my 5ktq to have a better feel than the 
A4.  The brakes were GREAT!  I almost put poor Laurie through the window a 
few times.  Like I said, I'm going to wait for the 1.8L turbo (more mods 
availible) and the sport suspension.  The real question is, Can I wait 
that long?  Only time will tell...