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Re: Alldata

 "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu> writes:

 A-> I remember some recent questions about All Data.  My most technical 
 A-> mechanic type here subscribes to a professional  AllData service which
 A-> provides him complete reference manuals, etc. on a wide variety of 
 A-> cars - the whole thing is on CD-ROM.  This makes a LOT of sense.  
 A-> No need to have all those manuals, and less expensive (altho I don't 
 A-> know what he pays for it.)  

     It may be more convenient, but not less expensive. I'll find out
     for sure, but the last time I spoke to friend who has Alldata
     at this shop, was around $5000.00 for the yearly subscription.  
     It's also not as good as the printed manual, because unless you're 
     really proficient in it, it'll take you a while to get where you 
     want to be, and even then, you may find yourself on the phone 
     calling Alldata for information that is not on the system. 
     I recently had occasion to use the full Alldata system, and 
     took me an hour to come to the conclusion that what I needed
     wasn't anywhere to be found. (Needed a wiring diagram for the
     AC system on a late model Mercury Tracer) Ended up calling alldata, 
     and two days later they faxed it. (It was on a Friday, so I don't
     know their response time on a weeday basis.)
     I couldn't resist but look up the V8Q, and was wholely 
     disappointed on what was offered, the procedures are there,
     but it just lists them in order, no pics, illustrations, etc.
     like in the factory manuals.

 A-> Based on this, I'd venture that AllData would be worth exploring as a 
 A-> source of technical./service information.

     You can get a free 10 minute trial (actually 15mins) of their
     phone lookup service too. I recommend not using your real name/
     address, they email you a special password, and if you have 
     more than one email address, you can get multiple free


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