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Manual transmission seals

I was all set to switch over to Redline in the manual transmission when someone told me
I had a leaky rear seal on the transmission.  The car is a '91 200 Quattro 20v, it only has
57K on it.  
1) Is this a normal problem for this car?  
2) Should I have the other seals replaced at the same time?
3) Who in the Seattle area should do it?  I don't have the time. 
4) I'm going to have the drive shafts replaced when I do the conversion from UFO 
brakes to normal ones.  Will this mean draining the MTL at that time?

    -Eric Harman
    Seattle, WA, USA
    '91 200 Quattro [215/60ZR-15 Dunlop D40M2]
    '90 626 Touring Sedan GT [205/55ZR-15 Dunlop D40M2]