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Re: 5K donation display?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ernest Wong say:

> Got a really dumb question.
> My 87 5000s has been flashing me the yellow triangle warning in the
> multi-function display on the dash. It's got the circle with 2 dashed lines
> on each side. DRUM brake warning???
> Or is it a sign that I have not been forthcoming in my Audi Donations to
> the AudiGod.

The latter :-)

My '89 100Q still uses that same symbol, even though the brakes
are disc all around. It is much easier to figure that symbol out
than to try to design one that looks like a disc brake.

BTW, has anyone else had problems with Repco pads breaking the
wires? Mine are about 7 months old, and the sensor wire on one of
the broke just next to the pad (where it can't be fixed). I'm
going to jumper it so I don't have to stare at the light any more.


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