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Re: 5KCSTQ: Broken sunvisor

Randall Paquette wrote:
> HEY,
> My sunvisor (drivers side) finally bit the big one.  It falls down going over
> bumps.   It doesn't appear that it can be R&Red because the vinyl is sealed all
> over.  CAN these be fixed, and if not are all visors (and roof liners) the same
> color - mine is dreamish, greyish, whitish/  My interiour is beige leather (with
> suede inserts) and brown dash, etc.
> Randy P.
> (no sig yet)

I didn't have much luck fixing mine.
When I got one from the yard I thought it was the same color
but it was actually slightly more gray.
I recommend you compare them carefully if possible. 
If not buy a matching set. I am not sure if the colors vary due 
to interior leather or if the variation occurs due to production run.