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4k subframe bushings ready soon

     Well fellow listers, It looks as though those of us who were 
     interested in subframe bushings for the 4000q will finally get our 
     I've been in contact with Eric Fletcher for the past couple weeks and 
     the bushings are finally going to the machinist this week.
     The price looks like approx 40bucks ea. Fairly close to new OEM 
     bushings, but far from OEM in terms of performance and durability.
     They will be delrin bushings with aluminum inserts and should be 
     considered to be some-what of a life part.
     Remember, there are 2 subframes on the car with 4 bushings each. Total 
     of 8 bushings. 
     What I need from those of you who showed interest in the beginning is 
     confirmation that you are still interested and the number of bushings 
     you want. (1 set or 2)
     You can email me direct with that info and your snail mail address as 
     I will be co-ordinating this effort for Eric.
     Talk to you soon,