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Re: Blown Engine Timing Fuse

At 07:37 PM 4/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> Also, does anyone know how to check for a malfunction code stored in the
>> onboard diagnostic system for this model?
>I FAXed you that too.  Sorry for the delay, I've been working 15 hour days
>lately trying to get a project done and, no offense meant, but Audi stuff is on
>the bottom of my pile of priorities.  If you can't read the FAXes I sent, call
>me at (703) 556-6511 & I'll try to walk you thru them.  I should be here late
>agian tonight...

Appreciate the effort, Mike.

I'm away for the weekend - doesn't happen too often neither!

(I'm getting my mail through a friend's connection while I'm away.)
I must have missed your fax but I'll be back Sunday.

Have a good weekend.