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Re: Replacing A/C compressor clutch?

At 05:15 PM 4/12/96 EDT, you wrote:

I not sure what year your 5k is.  Mine is a 84 and I just recently had
problems with the air.  I found the compressor price from $170 to $350.
Also, according to one shop it is a GM compressor and you can take it to a
good parts house that stocks GM compressors and match it up for around $70.
I did not do that on mine because the third shop I went to said my clutch
was fine all I needed was some freon.


84 5000k
96 A6 soon
91 200QT maybe

>Has anyone on this list replaced the mag clutch on the 5000 Nippondenso
>A/C compressor. If so, can you send me the procedure? I can get the clutch for
>$125, which beats the heck out of buying a rebuilt compressor.