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Q-quarterly/other pubs

I liked Ben Howell's "The new q-quarterly looks great...it's got a picture of my
car on the cover..."  I have also read other posts from people with comments
like "Normally this is a worthless rag, but this month they published my
article..."  I am not-at-all against people informing the list of something they
wrote/did/etc. It helps to establish the credibility to both the publication and
the poster.

On a sort of related, but side note:  I hope that when list members deal with
companies they mention they are on the quattro list and attempt to work some
sort of discount.  The group association can be a useful tool when dealing with
companies:  It can be free(?) advertising in one of its most effective forms --
word of mouth/personal experience.  If someone gives you good service, tell that
someone you will recommend them to others, vice versa with bad service - only
try to avoid the threatening stuff; ATTEMPT to work with them -- then threaten
them with bad PR.  An excellent example is Carlsen's (and a few others).  

Say the magic words -- "I heard about you through the Audi/quattro list; is
there any possibility of working out a group discount?"

Just my $0.02 (less the 10% list discount)

Joe Yakubik