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Insurance Bashing

Terry Moore <terrym@nando.net> said:

> What are UFO brakes.  I have made an offer on a 91 200TQ.  Does this car
> have UFO brakes?  Should I be concerned?
> PS:  I didn't respond to the insurance bashing last week, so send me a 
> metal (sic)

I'm sure others will help on the brakes - glad you didn't take the 
insurance bashing personally.  It's the *companies* I get frustrated 
with...the people who make a living selling the insurance are 
generally pretty nice folks. They're stuck with the company line (and 
rates) just like the rest of the "employed community" is....and if 
you work for GEICO, you have my sympathy, and my encouragement to 
find an honest employer.

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