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Re: Odometer repair

> Way back in the archives you mentioned taking yer speedo to a VDO repair
> facility. Is it nearby? The reason I'm asking is because all I need for
> mine is one tiny flexible gear - If I can get a VDO repair place to look
> it up and get me a PN or order me one, I can put it in myself.
> Thereby saving me mucho bucks, downtime, and shipping. I even have the
> gear out so I could mail it off if there is a place that could match it
> up for me...

Sorry but VDO repair shops pay hefty franchise fee to VDO and their contract
specifically prohibits them from selling parts only.  Also, some states have
laws that prohibit this as well to prevent people from "clocking" their car,
just as some states still won't allow you to pump your own gas.

Around here, they get $55 to replace "one tiny flexible gear" so be prepared
to bend over and smile...  ;^)

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