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re:sunvisors/Circle Imports LA

>The sunvisors are not all the same color.  When I had to replace my sunvisor
>clips ($7ea!) the dealer said there were 7 colors to choose from.  The idiots
>at Circle Imports/Long Beach couldn't figure out the color without looking @
>mine and doing a process of elimination to guess which one to order.  They
>actually got it right, though.
>Jesse Almero, Jr.
>Torrance, CA
>1986 Coupe GT

Kudos to Jesse.  I, too have had problems with the idiots at Circle
Imports.  Thankfully, there are about 20 other Audi dealers in about an
hour's drive from my house in LA.  Watch out for Circle, though.  As Jesse
said, their parts department lacks the knowledge I would expect them to

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