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Nomenclature (was Re: Stiffy)

In a series of enlightening messages,

ScharfR tells us;
>The aero 5000 is referred to as the C3 generation of the mid-size Audi.

STEADIRIC tells us:
>The Aero 5000/100/200 is a type 44 body style. Never heard it called a

Linus Toy tells us:
>I've heard the sales guys at University Audi (Seattle) use that term.

>Like they know what the Hell they are talking about......

And ScharfR attempts to clarify and enlighten by saying:
Remarkable as it may seem, sometimes the dealers DO know what they are
talking about; an aero 5000/100 is a C3.

Equally remarkably, STEADIRIC is right, but not in the sense that he thinks.
 He has the knowledge that the type 44 designation is an element of the parts
numbering sustem. BUT, that is about all that it is used for internally.  It
identifies the original usage of a given part.  However, there are many parts
on the aero 5000/100/A6/S6 range that do not start with 44, simply because
they are corporate parts bin pieces whose initial application was on a
different Audi (or VW) model.

Here is what STEADIRIC and others may be interested to learn;
It is fairly common knowledge that Audi AG uses an internal alpha/numeric
nomenclature to identify vehicles as to platforms and generations. The alpha
is the platform, the number is the generation.  The type class 44 isn't
commonly used internally when referring to a vehicle.  Instead designations
such as B5, C4, and D2 (which correspond to the current Audi A4, A6 and A8
respectively) are much more commonly used and understood.

You will see the type classes in the parts fiche and other such places, but
in the common parlance within Audi the letter classes are used, not the body

Standing by for your comments.