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audi/porsche similarities

       Hey to the list!

           I have always thought of Audi Quattros as the Porsche fanatic's fami
ly car, but I was wonder how much these cars really had in common.  I have had
several people tell me that many Quattros share many parts with Porsches, but I
have never been able to find this to be true, or find which parts would be comm
on.  Can anyone answer this?  And, if my car (a 5kTQ) were to share parts with
any Porsche, I would think it would have to be a 944 turbo.  My car seems to dr
ive and feel simmilar to a 944 turbo, except bigger and not quite as fast, so d
o these two cars share anything in common?  Just curious about this stuff.  Tha
t's all.