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Re: Odometer repair

Brad Tammen wrote:
> AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> >
> > > Way back in the archives you mentioned taking yer speedo to a VDO repair
> > > facility. Is it nearby? The reason I'm asking is because all I need for
> > > mine is one tiny flexible gear - If I can get a VDO repair place to look
> > > it up and get me a PN or order me one, I can put it in myself.
> > > Thereby saving me mucho bucks, downtime, and shipping. I even have the
> > > gear out so I could mail it off if there is a place that could match it
> > > up for me...
> >
> > Sorry but VDO repair shops pay hefty franchise fee to VDO and their contract
> > specifically prohibits them from selling parts only.  Also, some states have
> > laws that prohibit this as well to prevent people from "clocking" their car,
> > just as some states still won't allow you to pump your own gas.
> >
> > Around here, they get $55 to replace "one tiny flexible gear" so be prepared
> > to bend over and smile...  ;^)
> >
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>   Every Audi I have owned has the odometer stop at around 92-95k miles.
> My current lover is a 86 5kS, with 92k and a stopped odo.. i had it taken
> to a "european auto repair"  to have the power steering hose replaced,
> belts, plugs, and odometer, but the odometer only worked for some miles,
> then it'd stop again.  It's quite frustrating..  then I had a Water Pump
> leak!  WOo hoo!! :)  I don't care, my Audi is just telling me it loves
> me.  Anyway, I put some liquid seal in the antifreeze and the leak has
> pretty much subsided.  Other heredity problems with 5k's are the power
> windows for the back working from the drivers.. they dont. ;(  I want
> those fixed.  Also, I read in here someone else who has an 86 5k whose
> sunroof is not working.  Mine works, but i can't use it since it fell off
> and scratched the top very badly.. the tracks are broken or something.
> :(     3 days after I got the car, when it was parked at school, it got
> vandalized... one day there was barbeque sauce, the next day, coke or
> something on the windshield.. these low life assholes don't deserve to
> live. ;)  Anyway, the next day I found a large dent by my gas filling
> door.  It is bent on the frame near the wheel well, so It's gonna be some
> $$ to fix. :(  It was also keyed on the passenger side. :( :(
> Brad
> Audi Audi
> 5000S '86
> '81 4000S (gone but never forgotten)