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RE: quattro evolution

From: 	Steve Powers[SMTP:spowers@spdg.COM]
Sent: 	Thursday, April 11, 1996 6:49 PM
To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	Re: quattro evolution

Glen asks:

>How does 'EDL' work? Is it just electronically controlled 100% mech =
>locking diffs as used in the first gen qs? Does it use the ABS to sense=

per the manual, EDL uses the ABS sensors to detect wheel slip. Once detected,
the EDL engages the brakes to cause the Torsen to shift the torque to another
wheel. The unit also detects speed (works at < 35 mph) and temperature of the
brakes (dunno what temp.).

This sounds like an *excellent* idea and should really help to overcome the problem with the torsen setups not working in very low/no traction scenarios. Perhaps with this enhancement the torsen setup would be superior in all scenarios with the exception of super heavy-duty bad conditions stuff where the brakes might overheat and/or where vicious coupling diffs would overheat too.....