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Re: 4ktq update

Hi Bob,
Oh boy, you have only just started...  (he he he he)

>Well, the insanity started on saturday... We got the engine out of the
>5kt donor car, along with the wiring harness (with surgical precision, I
>might add!) and labeled everything! Not bad for one day. But looking at
>the turbo motor and the  motor in the 4k, we scratched our heads a while.
>We know it will fit.. (if the Urq can do it..!)

I am putting it into an ur-q, so I guess I have some advantage here, I know
it all fits.

>Its the computer stuff that scared me. I need the K Lambda, off the
>Turbo, right? The CIS on the 4k wont handle the needs. Which means the
>computer needs to be changed... the 4k uses idle and WOT switches where
>the T uses throttle position sensor etc.... geez.

I have had my swap in the works for 9 mos now and just getting back into
it. I spent 6 hours on saturday buzzing out the left and right side 
from my donor 89. At this point I am figuring out what I need to use from 
old harness and how and where to make the break.

I went for the complete engine including all the sensors and misc stuff
including idle stab. I also have the carbon canister, O2 frequency valve,
wastegate frequency valve. Don't have a deceleration fuel cut-off valve,
not sure it is really needed. I also grabbed the all the fuel system stuff,
fuel distributor, injector lines, injectors and control pressure regulator.
Be sure to get the whole ECU to engine wiring harness and ECU. It's
also nice to get the the engine harness from the left side of the car 
you can fab what you need here. Be sure to grab the coil and its booster.
Don't forget the knock sensor, RPM sensor, ref mark sensor, especialy
the mount blocks. Also get the distibutor amd hall sensor. Grab the
flywheel and clutch/pressure plate too. The list just goes on and on and

The turbo uses the WOT and idle switches too, just packaged differently.
For my swap, I learned of a mid 80s Audi application which has seperate
WOT and idle switches, kinda like the ur-q setup, but goes into the 
3 wire connector. This will then plug right into the late model  harness. I 
using the stock ur-q throttle body and a 5000 turbo intake manifold from,
I think 84. This guy is nice because it doesn't have the idle air bypass 
built into manifold on the 86 and later cars and the early throttle body 
with it. Also it has a mounting boss on the side of the manifold for the air 
sensor, whereas the later 5kT cars have the air temp sensor in the 
I don't think I will be using the aux turbo coolant pump. I would get these 
in case you decide to plumb it in.

>Also. Remember the $10 turbo I took out of the junkyard off the 5kt? It
>was a K26. Not water cooled. Well, the one in this car is water cooled,
>and it also says K26. What the....

Go with the water cooled one. The 5kT cars made the change somewhere
in 84/85, but before 86. Yup they're both K26s.

>Anyone done this job before? If so, let me know!! OTherwise, Ill keep you
>all posted!

Well I am up to my chin right now, changed out the front crank seal
yesterday and will be installing the tweaked turbo this week. Then its
flywheel/clutch/engine/tranny assembly time. The fun has just begun.
Any questions, ask away!
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com