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Re: Blower Thingy?

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Barry George wrote:

> Wanted to know if anyone has any idea about the fan/blower that is
> located over the drivers side engine mount on my '84 5000 turbo. All I 
> have is a Hanes Manual that doesn't give any info (must get a Bentley). 
> I've never seen / heared this little electric motor operate at any time. 
> Seems to draw air from around / below the oil pan and blow it around the 
> injectors and inlet manifold. Is this supposed to cool the injectors /
> manifold when hot?
> Wounder if it could be helping (???) with my Hot start problems? 

I had hot start problems with my 87 5KCSTQ that were finally diagnosed as
a non-functioning injector cooling fan.  Symptom was engine wouldn't start after
sitting for one hour, particularly at high altitude (I live in Colorado).  Less 
than one hour, no problem.  Cause was vapor lock from underhood temperature 
build-up and no cooling fan.  This was fixed by replacing the cooling fan relay.

After I replaced the relay, my fan seemed to run pretty regularly in the 
summertime, for a few minutes after shutting off the engine.

Jim Warren
Fort Collins, CO

92 S4