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Re: Alternator: 89-100Q ?

At 09:39 AM 4/16/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Thanks to you folks who responded about my sudden charging problem, beginning
>this past weekend.  I may have missed some messages because I was bounced
>between the regulkar list and the digest.
>Today's status report:  pulled the alternator last night while lying on my
>back in the rain - a rather unpleasant experience.  Took the beast to the shop
>this morning, and the guys found a bad stator.  Big Bucks?  Don't know yet,
>cause they can't find the alternator listed in their books.

I'll bet if you go to a junkyard that alt will crossover to just about any
Audi 5K/100/200 - mostly they go out the door for 50-60.00 around here.
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