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V8 to shift or not to shift......

Hi Chris,

When I'm feeling kinda frisky or just want to get off the light quickly,
I put mine in 'S' Mode.  This moves the shift points up the rpm scale 
and it holds first a lot longer than normal.

It also downshifts earlier when you start to put your foot down....

I do this quite frequently.... It's to the point now where I don't need
to look down anymore :-)  I just kinda flick the switch to 'S' at a light
and when I hit cruising speed I put it back to 'E'.....

On the highway If I want to zip past somebody quickly, I pull it back to 3rd,
hit the gas maybe halfway and before you know it your cruising by.......


Mike L.
90 V8
89 100 avant

P.S. As far as using Manual being good or bad ? don't know.... anybody else ?

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