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Re: Audi-VW bed-sharing stuff

> > in other parts of the world, they have their own names
> > like Celsior and Aristo for Lexus, and Honda just use Honda (Honda
> > Legend, Honda NSX). Pure marketing gimmick.
> lexus *is* sold as lexus all over the world.  they may not have the
> same model lineup as the US, but the LS400 is sold as lexus
> everywhere.

Toyota Celsior = Lexus LS400
Toyota Soarer = Lexus LC400
Toyota Aristo = Lexus GS300

They are exactly alike (Toyota and its counterparts of Lexus), except the 
badges (the Soarer has prancing lion).

> > Come to think of it, if it
> > works for Toymotors, Dat-son, and Honndas, why didn't it work with Audi-
> > VW?
> audi did not originate from VW.  audi used to be auto-union, which in
> turn used to be a bunch of even smaller distinct companies.  at some
> point in time audi got absorbed (?) by VW, so it still has some
> distinct identity and heritage as compared to these synthetic japanese
> marques which came out of nothing more than a marketeer's pen.

Audi, if I remember correctly, was formed by 4 companies -- DKW, 
Wanderer, Horch, and Audi -- hense the 4 rings. This joint group, called 
Auto Union GmbH, was bought by VW group during VW's expansion days, and 
renamed Audi NSU (and later into Audi AG). During that time, VW also 
aquired Skoda and Seat (or something).

In its hay day, Auto Union was considered world's most technologically 
advanced company. In Europe, Auto Union's main competitor in auto sports 
was Mercedes-Benz, which were joined shortly after by BMW. But after WWII, 
Auto Union was hurt bad -- as most of its manufacturing plants were 
located in the then the East Block.

Well, 'nuff for story telling -- you can dig this up somewhere. My brain 
hurt from all that recalling. Anyway, my point is that most non-Audiphile 
car geeks consider Audi as upscale VWs. And I say, if this bed-sharing 
thing goes on at Audi-VW, it'll just confirm these brain deads of what 
they thought of Audi.

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