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re: 30-70 UrQ DB

I did some testing last night with different levels of timing
advance.  Withoug getting to technical, I ran with ECU
cutoff's of 0.8,1.0, and 1.4 bar.  The 30-70 times dropped
by about 1.7 seconds for the first bump, and another 1.0 for
the second bump.  This testing was done with stock boost levels.
It just shows the importance of advancing the timing in the I5.
Taking almost 3 seconds out of a inflated 30-70 is impressive,
but the car feels much different. Much less hesitation as you
let out the clutch, saying I am getting advance at < 1.0 bar
as well.  The engine actually sounds different as well, meaner ;-/
It is an understatement to say I am pleased.  More testing to come.