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Re: BELTS? What kind shou

 Don Hoefer  writes:

 DH> I use Gates belts.  They are commonly available and are as
 DH> good or better than the OEM belts (cheaper too).  They last
 DH> two to three years, no problem.  I have never had one break,
 DH> even after much abuse.

    I can also recommend Dayco Belts.  The trick to finding 
    unlisted belts is to crossreference them.  When I needed
    a timing belt for the V8, the only company that I found 
    listing one was Continental.  Gates does list accesory belts 
    for the V8 in their book-Gates #K060970 (Automatic), 
    #K060960 (manual) for those taking notes. I did manage to 
    cross reference the timing belt to a gates product, then find
    the Dayco equivalent with the Gates number, but the 
    price difference was only $7.00, so I went with the Continental, 
    for the purely "gut" reason of the Continental belt being made 
    in the fatherland.


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