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Coupe q help needed !!!

Hi all...

Well, I bought the Coupe last week... not as good as the dealer presented on the phone, big surprize...
Did have a nice 22 hour drive back from Houston, though. 68 mph average and 27 mpg, not too bad...

BUT, I need some help:

1) Today a high frequency buzzing started from the area directly behind the right rear passenger 
  I suspect fuel pump... here is the info... First happened after I shut the car off, after 20 minutes of 
spirited driving. Continued for about 30 seconds. Let the car sit for an hour, didn't happen until I shut 
the car off again.  Is car going to fail???  Any suggestions???

That's the only thing bothering me, the rest are just annoyances and wonderings...

2) Owners manual states:  
	Nothing about changing coolant. Car has 65k miles and the coolant is brown... What should I 
	That there is no need to change transmission fluid. I wanted to put Redline fluid in, not wise?

3) Car has Bosch tri electrode plugs. Should I stick with these, platinum, silver, or what? The car 
stumbles on starting. I'll start by changing the plugs and see if this helps.

4) Also, other than AAA small car world, anyone know of parts yards with coupes? I need a left fog light 
lens and a right rear light assembly. (fog light has bullet, tail light had bad new owner... I backed into the 
planer tonight as I was listening to the whine stated above in (1).)    :^(

Aside from these little things, I love the car. Very solid and stable. Even has a little power once you get 
over 70. A nice surprise, the last Audi I had, a 4ks never even had a little power... Which reminds me, 
where do I start in performance mods? I'm switching to synth oil this weekend (not perf, but nice,) is 
there room to play with this car, or is it about as fast as it'll get?

Sorry to barrage you with questions... I've got a lot more questions and thoughts, but I'll save them for 

It's just good to have an Audi again...

90 Coupe q
94 Grand Cherokee Ltd. V8
94 Cherokee Country (for sale)