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Re: Grattan Event?

>I was wondering who is going to this QC event?  I am thinking about 
>skipping a local autox and making the 6 hour drive with the family.  
>The only hesitation I have is the cost... $225 seems kinda high to me.
>Is it worth it?  Who will I get to meet?

I will not be there do to my work schedule (Gotta shoot a Rap Video in 
East LA....At Night!) $225 is high and the Q club can't give a reason for 
it.....Instruction will be spotty at best......If your going to learn 
alot forget it.....IF you know what your doing on a race track have 
fun.....But Gratten ain't a place that I would want to be learing what 
racetracks are about.....


Eric Fletcher