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Re: Coupe q help needed !!! Performance upgrades

On Thu, 18 Apr 96 Todd asked:
Subject: Coupe q help needed !!!

>...where do I start in performance mods? I'm switching to synth oil this weekend 
>(not perf, but nice,) is there room to play with this car, or is it about as fast 
>as it'll get?

see my separate post

Forget the chip upgrades, they're probably not worth the money, although 
one list member with either a 20v 90Q or a Coupe Q installed one, and said 
that there was a 
noticeable difference.

The exhaust is pretty free breathing, but you could spend some large $$$$ and 
have a custom bent exhaust with a turbo style muffler installed.  That may get 
you a few hp, but you would lose the benefit of the oem exhaust being stainless.  

To the best of my knowledge, there are no aftermarket turbos available for the 
20v motor.  If you really want a turbo, and have the capital, contact Intended 
Acceleration, or IA as its commonly referred to.(Phone # is in the majordomo 
archives under "parts_vendors".  I heard that Ned Ritchie has installed 20v 
turbos (from Audi 200s?) into the Coupe Q.  But it was verry expensive 
(around $10k).  But that would put you close to owning an S2...  Hmmmmmmm

I believe that Total Audi Performance (TAP, phone also under "parts vendors") 
had a 215 hp conversion available for the motor for about $2500.   This 
included alot of head work and new cams.

Eurorace came out with a 2.5 liter conversion for the 2.2/3 motor, see the April
1996 issue of European Car.  Talk to Bruce Herrmann (408) 848 4203.  They're
working on a big development program for the Coupe Q. I probably will be ordering
Koni struts and Eibach springs.  I gave him a long wish list for the CQ owners.

Rons Parts carries Audi cams. 

There is, unfortunately no "cheap" hp upgrade for the 20v motor, no magic 
spring for the wastegate, no IA stage I or II cpu mods. 
You WILL have to "open up" the motor if you want some real HP. 

You can improve your performance by changing your driving style to "use 
the motor" better - Hp and torque peaks are over 4k rpm- so wait longer until you shift.

I tried a K&N filter mod from Schaumburg Audi in Illinois, which eliminated 
the airbox and put a "Cone" style filter into its place, with associated 
hardware.  Its similar to the ones that you can buy for VWs.  It was 
probably good for a few hp, but the car definitely does breathe better 
at higher rpm (and sounds it ,too).  Don't know how it will work this 
winter, though - I may have to reinstall the airbox.

You may want to try the K&N replacement for the stock filter...

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q