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Re:Ur-Q sub f mount P/Ns

>I have the P/Ns for the FRONT SUBFRAME F & R location bushings for the =
>Ur-Q - from the fiche, if you need 'em. Aw what the heck - I got the #s =
>here from fiche Audi Quattro 1-91 fiche picture #32:
>front of front subframe = item #2  857 199 415 B    Qt. 2

Went through my parts last night and can confirm this. These
are painted green on top. Larger than the part below.

>rear of front subframe = item #3  857 199 419 B     Qt. 2

Can confirm this guy too. It has 2 numbers on it
857 199 419 B=weiss
857 199 419 A=gelb

Mine have white dots painted on them.

So we have a match. And can verify that 83 TQC and 85 TQC
use the same subframe parts.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com