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Re[2]: Unintended Acceleration

     What would happen if you hold the accel button and hit the brakes at 
     the same time?  Does the brake override the accel?
     Just food for though
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire(top down today!)

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Subject: Re: Unintended Acceleration
Author:  rdh@UrQ.East.Sun.COM at Internet
Date:    4/19/96 1:35 PM

   To the esteemed Audiphiles:  I have had 2 experiences of unintended 
   acceleration with my '90 V8Q.  Both happened while driving at highway 
   speeds.  Basically driving along with cruise off and the throttle pedal 
   went to the floor.  Very disconcerting.  Tried playing with the cruise 
   switch but no change.  Also in fairly heavy traffic so I needed to use the 
   brake to keep from climbing into the back seat of the car in front of me.  
   It is true that brakes will overcome the motor, but not as easy at speed 
   as at rest.  Anyway, manuevered (sp?) to the shoulder and cut the 
   ignition, pulled to a stop.  Regained professional demeaner, restarted 
   motor and took off.  No further occurances in the last 12 months.  ??
This once happened to me . . . dealer -- for whatever reason -- had 
removed bottom panel of steering column; when reinstalling, they managed 
to drive the left-side screw through the wiring harness of the cruise 
control . . . [just one of several reasons why I wouldn't trust Pass 
Weitz to change the oil, let alone "work" on the car anymore] so that the 
"accel" button was "asserted".
You might have frayed-wire/loose-connector[/berserk-computer?] which 
looks like "accel" button engaged.
Dunno 'bout them V8Qs, but most cruise controls have a "master power" 
(aka OFF) switch somewhere . . . (of course engaging the brakes should 
also tell the berserk computer to quit cruisin'!).
German electrics make Lucas Prince of Darkness blush with shame . . .