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Re: Re[2]: Unintended Acceleration

   What would happen if you hold the accel button and hit the brakes at 
   the same time?  Does the brake override the accel?

When all works the way the designer thinks it should work, the activating
the brakes will disengage the cruise control. Ditto, hitting the clutch
(for manual transmission cars). However, since (on the UrQ/I presume the
mid-80's-ilk cars) the resume/on button was "engaged", letting off the
brakes immediately re-engaged the cruise on full accel . . . (that was
my particular example).

   My cruise control is on the turn signal stalk and has 3 positions: resume/on/off, with 
   the "set" control at the end of the stalk.  If there is an "accel" position, I'm unaware 
   of it.  Switching to "off" did not do anything. 

Ditto, holding "resume" is interpreted as "resume some more" or "accel".
No decel, unfortunately.

(Parenthetically, I'll add that the best-bar-none cruise control I've ever
seen was on my rental droF Tempo -- had buttons right on the steering wheel
for accel and decel, right at convenient thumb-access level, could just
flick the button, didn't have to move hands/arms/feet/legs/body/head/etc.
I ***HATE*** multifunction stalks -- trying to activate switch function
number 13 while not inadvertently switching on the wipers [anyone remember
the Bill Cosby schtick "dumguydumguydumguy" ??? I think that was on his
200mph album ???], headlights, trunk release, passenger eject, etc.)