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Extracting "Haed"

	Gotta respond to my private e-mail here on the "unintended" accel 
thang or else the cc would be 4 miles long.

	From what I know about the 5k debate, it does look like a bunch 
of the accidents were just that:  accidentally stepping on the gas, not 
the brake.  That is driver, not car.  

	My "however" though, was to the blanket statement about car [not 
just 5k] v. driver "who is at fault" question.  As I said, many times it 
is the driver who, whether through inexperience, ignorance, or just 
flat-out misuse sets in motion a serious problem w/ dire consequence.  
BUT, not always the case.  [Are you listening MG?]  SOMEtimes, it is a 
design problem.  The real bastard problem here however, is that when a 
design problem is proven, and the manufacturer is held by the short 
hairs, most everything proven is protected as confidential--so long as it 
stops one step short of court.  And believe me, many many many stop one 
step short.  

	I love my four ringers.  It speaks volumes to me that when the 
wash is done, to really bitch about the safety of an Audi, you gotta go 
back a dozen years to even get a sniff of a story.  MG and Dorf wish they 
had the same record.  BTW, STEADIRIC, when you gonna have them super 
stopper brakes ready?  All these stories about brakes got me wantin' some!