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Re: Info on A4 Sport (S2?)

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Ken Hu wrote:

> After I passed I-95 toll, I spoted an A4 with an S4/S6 badge (the
> red/silver thing) on its trunk lid.  The car was going pretty fast
> Is it real or just another wannabe?  BTW, the car is wearing Mass plate.

highly unlikely that it is anything other than an A4 12V V6.  it could be
the 1.8 turbo though, but i would expect test mules to sport michigan

i did a bit of closer reading regarding the 30V V6.  apparently it will
completely replace the 12V 2.8 V6 this year, at least in the european

the 30V V6 also sports variable valve timing on the inlet side (wow,
3 valves per cylinder with variable timing) in addition to the existing
dual inlet manifold.

the current 12V peaks at 184 lbft at 3000 while the 30V will be making in
excess of 184 between 2400 and 5400 rpm.  maximum torque is listed at 206
lbft though the rpms are not listed in the article that i have.  the only
mention is that it is half of redline.  hmm 3500?  not bad.  how much does
the bmw and other 2.8's produce?