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Driving School in the Midwest... NOT Q Club

OK folks here's the scoop even before the entry forms are done!

On May 18th and 19th the St. Louis Chapter of the BMW CCA will be having 
there spring driving school at Gateway International Raceway 3 miles from 
Downtown St. Louis.  This is the same event that Scott J. Wrote up last 
year as "Gateway with the M-Boys"  This is One FUN event. The people 
putting it on are first rate, and EVERY instructor is either a National 
Level License Holder in the SCCA, A FIA/IMSA Comp License holder or 
Instructor for a National Driving school like Skip Barber or Russel. 
(Unlike many other events that you might go to....) I will be Instructing 
(Schedule Permitting!). At this Event you will spend the morning of the 
first day doing Skip Barber excersises and reciving MUCHO classroom time 
TEACHING you the basics and giving you a solid foundation to enjoy the 
next day and half! We will then break for a lunch that is provided 
(Barbecue!) both days.  The rest of the first day will be spent lapping 
and observing with instructors.  The next morning will start at 8:00 am 
with cars on track at 8:30.  It's a lap till you drop or the sun set's 
whichever comes first day.  Instructors will ride with you in the morning 
and if you show the instructor that your well aware of the responsibility 
of piloting a 3800lbs weapon we will turn you loose on your own!

How much is all this knowledge and fun you ask?  $150 for both days, 
lunch included, and loaner helmets are availble.  So how many listers am 
I going to see there?  Compared to some of the other events many of use 
have attended this is a VERY Cost effictive weekend With a emphisis of 
fun and best of all KNOWLEDGE.

BTW in the past there has always been a VERY cool assortment of cars at 
this event.... Scott remember the Barney purple Ferrari?  Usually lot's 
of Louti, NSX's, a Lambo or 2, 3 Trans-Am vintage cars have run, Some WAY 
fast M3's, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

I hope to see LOT'S of Q's out there!  I'll be giving PLENTY of rides.... 
and I even might bring out my lap record holding '72 Datsun 240Z.....  
Anyone that is interested PLEASE let me know.  This event typically fills 
up FAST so get in touch with me asap and I can get you signed up.


Eric Fletcher