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Re: Info on A4 Sport (S2?)

the 30V V6 also sports variable valve timing on the inlet side (wow,
>3 valves per cylinder with variable timing) in addition to the existing
>dual inlet manifold.

the 30valve is 5 valves per cylinder.  it varies valve timing, but not duration.

>the current 12V peaks at 184 lbft at 3000 while the 30V will be making in
>excess of 184 between 2400 and 5400 rpm.  maximum torque is listed at 206
>lbft though the rpms are not listed in the article that i have.  the only
>mention is that it is half of redline.  hmm 3500?  not bad.  how much does
>the bmw and other 2.8's produce?

almost exactly the same as rhe bmw/mb.  car liked the 30 valve audi very much, i've yet to see other road tests.