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Hydraulic oil filter - 85 UrQ

The hydraulic oil filter in the hydraulic reservoir in later year UrQs is a 
different design to earlier models.  The earlier version filtered the return 
fluid from the power steering through a paper cartridge filter.  If this 
blocked, flow was diverted through a band filter.  The 85 UrQ has no paper 
filter - just the band filter which is retained by a top cover plate under 
spring tension.

Having drained the hydraulic reservoir to change the hydraulic pump, I decided 
to check the filter.  It is a fibrous material and was obviously blocked with 
a deposit that looked like coagulated oil.  The backpressure had caused the 
filter element to swell outwards.

A new element is going in when the part arrives.  Suggest next time anyone is 
working on the hydraulic system, that the filter be checked.

Alan Pemberton

85 UrQ
82 Coupe
80 Civic