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Re: wheel bearings

Yes, the tips for the sensors are a big help in getting the sensor
aligned the first time. To replace the tip, remove the old plastic
tip from the sensor (you'll know what it looks like if you have the
new tip in hand). Snap the new one on. Insert the sensor in the hub
and tap gently until it is fully seated. Then insert the bolt that
holds the sensor in place and tighten it. Now you should be all set!
The problem with not replacing the tip is that the spacing between the
sensor and the splines (on the outer CV joint) is hard to get right.
The plastic tip has tines on it which rest against the splines on the
CV joint and get broken off once the car is moved. They are there
to ensure spacing only. Good luck.... (Still waiting for my tips to
arrive in the mail, so I can get my ABS back...)