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Tape stuck in stereo, CD changer, and other stereo questions

These are questions pertaining to the Audi/Bose stereo in my '92 100 CSQ 
that I've had a few weeks. I don't have a manual for it.

1) The short story is: I have a tape stuck in the stereo. Is there some
special thing I can do to force it to be ejected? The long story is: the
first time I tried to play a tape the stero would go back and forth with
the auto-reverse and then eject the tape. It did this with a few tapes. I
then put in a tape and pressed fast-forward to see if that would force it
to play the tape. It didn't eject the tape, but it did get stuck in tape
mode doing nothing and I couldn't play the radio. I then tried to gently
pry the tape out. I couldn't without applying more force than I wanted to,
so I stopped prying, but it is no longer in tape mode and plays the radio.

2) Is this radio CD changer ready? It doesn't look like it is, but it 
would be nice.

3) If it is CD changer ready, what options do I have other that Audi's?

4) Given that it seems the tape section of radio needs some work, can
anyone in Seattle recommed a repair shop?


Doug Rudoff                 Seattle, WA                     drudoff@spry.com