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Funny sound

Hello All,

I've subscribed off and on to the the quattro list and am the owner of a 1994 
90 CS Quattro Sport since 10/95.  I love the car however, I'm extremely 
frustrated with the service I'm NOT getting from my local Audi dealer and am 
in need of some independent advice and knowledge about my car.  

I'm having a problem with an odd noise coming from the vehicle while its being
driven.  The sound is similar to that of when you stick something in the 
spokes of a bicycle.  There's a constact ticking or tacking while the car is 
being driven.  As I increase the speed of the car, the ticks per revolution 
also increase. Drivability isn't affected, but my conern is that maybe over 
time the noise will lead to something catastrophic.  The car has 38,000 miles 
on it.

I've taken the car to two different Audi dealers with no success in either of 
them identifying where the noise is coming from and fixing it.  I've even had 
an Audi District Service Manager inspect the car(last week).  The only thing 
that he's told me is that the noise is NOT coming from the drive line, more 
specifically the rear differential which is what one mechanic initially told 
me.  Has anyone experienced a similar problem to what I'm experiencing?  If 
so, what is it and what did you do to fix the problem?  Any advice at all 
would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Lewandowski