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audi affiliates and 4000 brakes

With the talk about the history of Audi, I was wondering something.  We 
used to have a '73 100ls, and I thought that around the late 60's, early 
70's Audi was in cahoots with Mercedes.  The design of the 100 look an 
aweful lot like the Mercedes of the time, and I was told it had a 
Mercedes engine in it.  I can't remember much about the car, I was in 
second grade when we replace it with an '85 4000, so any input would be 

Also, my friend and I were looking at brake upgrades for the 4000 
quattro.  What are the stock sizes for the brakes, both front and rear.  
We talked to a company (I can't remember the name) that advertised Brembo 
10.1" rotors for the front.  That seems awefully big to fit inside a 14" 
wheel.  What say you?  They were advertised with Repco MM's for $230.  Is 
this each, or a set of two for the front?